What do you care most about? Searching for objects on the beach, traveling with your backpack, surfing the Internet, saving the world … living in the European Union there are endless opportunities to do what you love, wherever your dreams take you. As a young man, the EU can provide you with all the tools you need to unlock your potential and ignite the spark of your inspiration. Whether you are a dynamic entrepreneur, a digital fanatic or a protector of the planet, everything is possible thanks to #EUandME.

Be inspired by our #EUandME short films directed by famous European directors and discover the link between your passions and the EU.


MONDAY 29 JULY | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy - Summer Camp 2019

- The Shape directed by Jaco Van Dormael | 4:30 min.

A storm is on the horizon. When an ink-black cloud engulfs a small town, the inhabitants discover that it could represent the end of much more than a simple blue sky.

social rights, citizens' rights, fundamental rights.

TUESDAY JULY 30 | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy - Summer Camp 2019

- The Key, directed by Valerie Muller and Angelin Preljocaj | 5:30 min.

A disaster is about to happen during a surprise security inspection at a construction site. Workers must work together to make everything right, but not everyone is present ...

work and live abroad, training, human rights, finding a job, traveling.

WEDNESDAY JULY 31 | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy - Summer Camp 2019

- Oona directed by Zaida Bergroth | 8:30 min.

After getting lost in a threatening forest, a girl must rely on the help of an unlikely friend to find her way home.

Technology, protected nature, green society, fight against climate change, healthy food.

THURSDAY 1 AUGUST | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy - Summer Camp 2019

- The hostel of the directed life by Matthias Hoene | 8:30 min.

Although he is no longer so young, Gisela still wants to visit Europe far and wide. His grandchildren decide to raise enough money to make her experience the adventure of her dreams, but their plan ends up producing unexpected results ...

work and live abroad, learn, medical care, travel.