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Italian Movie Award honors Alessio Boni and Blerim Gjoci

With actor Bergamo, the Italian Movie Award winner welcomes the European Competition. Tomorrow there will be the grand finale with Christian Capotondi

Italian Movie Award – Fourth night of the festival and award ceremony of the European Competititon

Saturday, June 21 the red carpet of the Italian Movie Award, at the mall paper mill, it is lit to welcome the actor Alessio Boni and director Blerim Gjoci.

Before the arrival of the guests the official presenter of the event, Luca di Tolla, has called on stage Franklin Santana, Venezuelan actor and model, reflecting the importance of the study along with him to enter the world of cinema.

In addition, the director Carlo Fumo added that making movies is not only need talent and preparation, but also luck. Reflecting on his career, rich experience in the field, Smoke reveals that there have been difficulties, but adds: “The best way to deal with the tough times and know how to enjoy it.”

Italian Movie Award

The film festival, during the evening of Saturday, declared the first winner of the European Competition; between the ages of sixteen short films in the race won Fated, the work of “one of the most recognizable faces of Kosovo.”

On the stage of the Italian Movie Award, the director Blerim Gjoci, returning from Los Angeles, led his testimony talking about the International Film Festival of Prishtina (PriFilmFest).

Gjoci told, also, its history when Spain, where he began making movies with Warner Brothers, he returned to Kosovo. His commitment did, in fact, be reborn art and cinema in a country destroyed by war.

Guest of the festival with his family, the director was impressed by the beauty of our country and from the event directed by Carlo Fumo, who rewarded him with the Italian Movie Award for Best Short Film Silver for the jury to quality.

After Blerim Gjoci, Alessio Boni from the audience jumped on stage making a selfie, according to the fashion of the moment, with the director and presenter Carlo Fumo Luca Di Tolla.

Italian Movie Award

Thanks for the welcome given by the Italian Movie Awards, the actor has made clear its positive opinion on the comedies, as well as make you laugh, make you think. In fact, the comedy by Angelo Longoni Maldamore, projected free at the end of the evening, of which the actor is the star, said he was impressed by the current theme.

Italian Movie Award

Carlo Fumo told the audience the story of the host beginning: young police entered and moved to San Diego, then returned to Italy to study at the National Academy of Dramatic Arts Silvio D’Amico and to form in the theater with Luca Ronconi, before the debut of the cinema.

As the director, the director of the festival, appreciating the artistic qualities, does not hesitate to reveal publicly: “I wrote my first movie thinking about you as a performer.”

Reflecting the importance of the study for a career as an actor, Alessio Boni confirms how important the meetings with “The right people to make a great trip” in the world of cinema. The meeting in 2003 with the award-winning director Marco Tullio Giordana for The Best of Youth was fundamental for him. Along with the Milanese director, the actor has two other benchmarks: Orazio Costa Giovangigli and Giorgio Strehler.

Italian Movie Award

At the request of the Director “How important to international, that the film is exportable?” The actor said that it was important to be authentic and internationality helps the actor. Not forgetting the added difficulty of playing in a foreign language: “If I did not know English, reciterei only here.”

Italian Movie Award

Alessio Boni has retraced In addition, the stages of the day of Pompeii, with Carlo Fumo and his staff, full of culture and history of Unesco. Reflecting on the role of cinema, which must “Far-hand what is happening around,” he appealed to all the representatives of the art world (actors, presenters, actors, directors, writers, etc.). Because each in its own How should sensitize who is distracted towards what surrounds us.

Referring to the Italian Festival of Cinema Sociale di Arezzo entrusted to Alessio Boni, Carlo Fumo even asked: “From the artistic director, how you found the Italian Movie Award?”. The guest thanking, once again, welcome to the “open arms”, congratulated the young artistic director, saying: “It is commendable what you’re doing” and added, “I urge you to go forward.” The artist from Bergamo knows that, through the themes of Italian Movie Award, the objective of Carlo Fumo is to promote culture and art promoting the territory. The man, in fact, could not, according to Alessio Boni, live without art because it would be “dry”.

The attention to these issues, as well as the superficiality of many films and TV series, is shown by the presence in a film festival, a competition of poems titled Land of Fires. Alessio Boni is responsible for reading the poems The Innocence Burning and Few Moments.

The artist has also granted to the questions from the audience receiving the gift of the Notebook Of Love Luigi Gaspari and the tribute singing pupil of the Conservatory of Salerno Elizabeth G. Martucci Vilni.

Italian Movie Award

Carlo Fumo relies Finally, Pier Giorgio Cesaro, Director of The Mill shopping center, the prize of the Italian Movie Award.

The reasoning is this: “For one of the best interpreters of Italian cinema, especially for multi-faceted, current and original interpretation of the musician Paul in the comedy of sentimental reflection Maldamore by Angelo Longoni.”

Italian Movie Award

Last Saturday, everyone present had the opportunity to learn about the great sensitivity of Alessio Boni, among other things, said: “Life is a rarity and each of us is a work of art.” Before leaving, he greeted urging everyone in this way: “Rimpossessiamoci our feelings!”

The appointment is for tomorrow at 20:20 for the final evening of Italian Movie Award with actress Cristiana Capotondi, Prof. Antonio Giordano and the actor Peter De Silva.



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