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The third evening of Italian Movie Award recognizes and welcomes the Florentine actress for her performance in Crazy Me, the film screened at the end of interview

Italian Movie Award – Third evening

Sunday, June 15, in the outdoor shopping center The paper mill was held on the third night of the film festival in Pompeii by Carlo Fumo, director and artistic director of Salerno, presented by Luca di Tolla.

After the evening of Saturday, June 14th dedicated to Edward Leo and Savior Misticone, yesterday welcomed the Italian Movie Awardha actress and presenter Florentine Chiara Francini.

She was welcomed by many people, but especially the artistic director Carlo Fumo, who communicates to the public the happiness of having his festival guests as Chiara Francini. The presence of great artists shows, in fact, as there is no bias towards a cinematic event organized in a shopping mall.

Italian Movie Award

The film, which is defined by the critic Ricciotto Canudola “The Seventh Art”, has – according to the founder of the festival – the objective of conveying emotions and the event Italian Movie Award honors its artists who have distinguished themselves in this.

Italian Movie AwardCarlo Smoking, in his interview, defines Chiara Francini “The woman of the show in 2014″; in addition to being the star of many hit films, was in 2014 the presenter of the television program with Diego Abatanutono Colorado. Asked if she will still be the behavior of the program in 2015, reveals nothing but show his glee at the prospect of being able to do yet.

The actress, now beloved by a wider audience for his family, he says so in Colorado: “The program gave me the opportunity to be known more!”

Very busy at the cinema, says that in October we will see in this movie: soapopera Alessandro Genovese and All Very Beautiful Paolo Ruffini.

Here is a photo gallery of the actress who, during the evening, it was given to questions from the audience:

Italian Movie English Movie Award Award Award Italian Movie English Movie Award
Ironically against the stronger sex, the actress declares its willingness film “My telos (purpose) is to make a film where I’m the protagonist … and where these boys make me shoulder.”

During the interview, to the inventor of the Italian Movie Award, Claire devotes a round of applause because “He can, with its festivals, to grasp the new year.”

Italian Movie Award

The presenter also gives appointment for June 21 in Florence with the MTV Music Awards with participation in the conduct of Pif, which won the David di Donatello award for the film The Mafia Kills One On Estate. As recalled by Carlo Fumo, the film will be screened on June 24 Pif after the interview for the Italian actress Cristiana Capotondi Movie Award.

At the request of the director: “You love Chiara Chiara presenter or actress?”, The artist responsible for putting the same desire in doing both if it is a good project.
The question on the environment, an issue of Italian Movie Award, reveals an artist attentive to the message that the film should launch. Talk about certain topics in film products sensitizes the public of all ages because the movies are “vehicles through which you get directly to young people.”

Chiara Francini, with the immediacy that distinguishes it, recommend to all young people interested in the study of his craft and make public its motto: “I wanted more and I wanted very strongly I wanted.”

Italian Movie Award

At the end of the interview, after the reading of poetry Land of fires and the Camorra, rifles and rubbish, comes the time of the award made by Cerrato Yards Ltd.

Italian Movie Award

Carlo Fumo motivates these words with the award:

“For his great ability to interpret, conaccattivante mastery and originality, an eclectic and multi-faceted role as that of Beatrice in the movie” Crazy Me “by Fausto Brizzi.”

After the final greetings and photographs of the ceremony, the public is ready for the free screening of Crazy Me, directed by joe Brizzi.


Italian Movie Award: MasterClass with Valerio Caprara


The Italian Movie Award the first lesson of the Master Class and the screening of the short films of the Italian Competition and the European Competition

Italian Movie Award – First day of MasterClass and screenings of short films

Yesterday, June 16, despite the storm that hit the area of ​​Naples, at the dining area of ​​the mall paper mill of Pompeii was held the first day of the masterclass of Italian Movie Award.

The curriculum is divided into five meetings will be held every day until June 20, 2014th involves the participation of distinguished representatives of the Italian and international cinema.

The first guest of the Italian MasterClass Movie Award directed by Carlo Fumo was the critical prof.Valerio Caprara.

With the lesson Movie Review – The Craft of Criticism by the School of Cinema in Naples and in collaboration with the Region of Campania Film Commission, the critic prof. Valerio Caprara, with Roberta Inarta, introduced the participants to the world of film criticism even talking about their history of cinema.

Valerio Caprara emphasized the unusual and interesting combination of shopping mall and culturadicendo that it takes similar examples similar to the Italian Movie Award, who has given many students the opportunity to participate in an important cultural moment.

The 40 children admitted to the master form the Student-Jury that, in the course of days, will have the difficult task of seeing and judging the short films in the two sections of the Italian Movie Award: Italian Competition eEuropean Competition.

Italian Movie Award

Yesterday there were projections and the votes of four short films, one of the Italian Competition, the section dedicated to short films made in Italy by Italian authors from 2012 to the present, three European Competition for jobs from all over Europe.

Among the 108 received from Italy yesterday was screened the short film of 2012 by Corrado Ceron A Love of Plastic.

Italian Movie Award

For short films of young directors from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Ukraine, Portugal, Bulgaria, Albania, Kosovo, Greece, Ireland, Macedonia, Hungary and Poland, were presented the following work:

- Beetween Paradise and Hell I.Deari (Macedonia 2013)

- Postscript to Anastasiia Kharamova (Ukraine 2013)

-Fated Blerim Gjoci (Kosovo 2013)

Today there will be the second lesson of the Italian Movie Award MasterClass with Storyboard and Sceneggiaturacon prof. Nedo Novi and prof. Alberto Massarese by the School of Cinema in Naples.


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