Italian Movie Award: the dates and theme of the X edition

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Announced the dates and the theme of the X ° edition of the ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD ® International Film Festival

Born in 2009 from the innovative idea of ​​its founder and current president and artistic director, Carlo Fumo, will celebrate the tenth edition from 29 July to 6 August 2018 in the historic city of Pompeii. The theme of the next edition will be “FUTURE”: A look at the generations, those who believe in the beauty of their dreams, because today’s teachings represent the choices and actions of tomorrow.

In May, at the press conference to present the Cannes Film Festival, the 2018 nominations will be announced by the Academy Jury. The fourth edition of the Italian Movie Master ® and the “Short Social World Competition” are back. Finally, the awards ceremony will be held abroad, in December 2018, the dates and the location will be announced in March, together with the character to whom will be dedicated the retrospective of the X edition.

Here is the official promo of the 2018 edition:

Promo Italian Movie Award 2018 | X Edition from ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD © on Vimeo.

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