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Pompeii, August 6, 2016

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After the success of the official presentation at the 69th Festival de Cannes and the opening evening of Monday, August 1, with the beautiful actresses Miriam Leone and Emanuelle Bains, amazing huge crowd yesterday, Friday, August 5, for Raoul Bova.

At present the evening the great Luca Abete, “Striscia La Notizia”, ​​together with the artistic director of the Festival, the director Carlo Fumo.

Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_4imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_5imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_6imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_7imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_8imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_9imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_13imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_14imafilmfest_carlo_fumo

The handsome Raoul has literally enchanted the audience at the Natural Park of “La Cartiera” in Pompeii. A large audience: thousands of screaming fans for Bova that has unsheathed his best smile, happy sincere affection shown him. Happy to receive the “Vitruvian Silver – Award Italian Movie Award 2016″, he has not escaped all the questions from the audience of boys Masterclass and journalists, receiving applause and congratulations; very friendly and personable, he took selfies and signed autographs.

Raoul Bova: “The search is a very important issue that you have to talk so much, to inform and to raise awareness as much as possible, especially in this historical moment so delicate: I am honored to have received the ‘Italian Movie Award’ Award, dedicated quest ‘year just a social issue so relevant. It ‘s always a strong emotion for me to feel the warmth of the public and the public of this festival was truly exceptional. Thanks, Italian Movie Award! The boys of the ‘Masterclass’ advice to always seek happiness in everything they do: the happiness you get living in the present, living every moment with passion and enjoying life to the fullest because, often, happiness is at hand but we do not always see it. ”

The theme of the 8th edition of the film festival is “The Search” and, among very qualified institutional interventions, there have been those of the international jury of quality which yesterday unveiled the name of the winner of the Short Film “Competition Short Social World”: ” awesone sonours My Life “by Giordano Torreggiani.

“We are honored to receive this award, for us it is another important milestone in the journey of Mirror Film. We thank the organization of the Festival for the reception and professionalism. We thank all those who contributed to the realization of the short film ‘My Awesome Sonorous Life’, from the protagonist, the actor Mico Cundari, cinematographer Daniel Poli and all the friends and professionals who have worked and believed in this project. Thanks. “Declared Jordan Torreggiani and Filippo Proietti.

Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_22imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_27imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_32imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_36imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_31imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Sarbina_Impacciatore_1imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_37imafilmfest_carlo_fumo

Jury prize, however, for “I am Sami”, written and directed by Kae Bahar. Finally, Best Short Animation Award was awarded to the short Russian “My grandfather was a cherry tree”.

President of the International Jury is the internationally renowned researcher, Dr. Prof. Antonio Giordano, director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia.

Antonio Giordano: “To be President of the Jury of the Italian Movie Award is an honor but also a great pleasure. I must compliment Carlo Fumo and with all the directors and organizational Staff to prepare such an important event because it is not simple. The Festival is growing year by year and has now become an important reality that is beginning to arouse curiosity in America. I want to emphasize the importance of the topics chosen during the various editions: talk about search in a Film Festival is useful and brave at the same time and we all, in Italy as abroad, more than ever, we need to professionalism invest time and effort in research. Thanks, Italian Movie Award! ”

On stage for an institutional greeting, the jurors: Raffaela Pignetti President of the Consortium A.S.I. Industrial Development Area of ​​Caserta, and Dr. Eva Montanino Izzo, Co-Founder Andronikos.

After the red carpet and the interview on the main stage, it was screened “Zona D’Ombra – An Inconvenient Truth,” directed by Peter Landesman with Will Smith: the film won the “Vitruvian D’Argento – Italian Movie Award Award 2016″ “Best film on the subject of the search.”

The evening ended with a Gala Dinner organized by the very talented Chef Gian Marco Carli, at the Restaurant “Il Principe” in Pompeii.

Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_16imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_11imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_12imafilmfest_carlo_fumo Italian_Movie_Award_Raoul_Bova_17imafilmfest_carlo_fumo



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