Review and retrospective on Martin Scorsese

Retrospettiva Martin Scorsese Italian Movie Award

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From 5 August to 9 september, there will be a film screening “Waiting 4 Italian Movie Award” with the screening of over 15 films. During the show will be scheduled a retrospective in honor of the Oscar ® Award and the famous Italian-American director Martin Scorsese, who will receive the Italian Movie Award® | Personality of Origins Italian 2017. For this occasion some masterpieces of the director will be screened, in particular works that in some way direct and / or indirect refer to Italy, such as“Gangs Of New York” shot entirely in the studios of Cinecittà in Rome and “Goodfellas”.” The event will be attended by the director, who will be awarded the Italian Movie Award® prize by the Chairman and Artistic Director Carlo Fumo. The Italian American community includes both people born in Italy and emigrants In the US both those born in the United States by Italian parents and all their descendants who identify themselves as belonging to it. According to the USCB’s official census (2000), nearly 16 million (5.6%) of people resident in The United States claimed to have Italian ascendencies, representing the sixth ethnic group of the nation. In the 2010 census, that number increased to approximately 17,250,000 million. According to some important Italian-American associations, the Americans who have an Italian offspring in their family Are estimated at about 25-30 million.
Retrospettiva Martin Scorsese Italian Movie Award

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