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VILLA ROTA RESORT Via Annunziatella, 1 Boscotrecase (NA)

Born in the background of the imposing silhouette of Mount Vesuvius and nestled in the magnificent scenery of Mount Vesuvius National Park, Villa Rota Resort is an ancient Vesuvian villa of the eighteenth century, built by the Neapolitan nobleman Marquis Don Carlo Rota, following a holiday resort aristocracy Bourbon . The refurbished Villa, surrounded by 5 hectares of gardens and with 30 magnificent suites, has kept unaltered the architectural characteristics of the eighteenth century and today combines style and elegance with comfort and innovative technology to satisfy the most demanding customers. The Tavernetta Restaurant offers typical dishes of the traditional Neapolitan cuisine and our chef uses only fresh and organic produce grown in the villa’s garden wisely. Villa Rota Resort is a unique and incomparable for its strategic position for trips to Mount Vesuvius, the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis, the Amalfi Coast and Paestum. And ‘now legend that during the renovations a Lady dressed in white wander through the rooms and the walls of Villa almost to direct the renovation and today, as a perfect hostess, inviting guests to spend an unforgettable stay in its exclusive Villa Rota.

Villa Rota Resort (2)7 Villa Rota

Villa Rota Resort is a unique and incomparable for its strategic location, making it the ideal base for excursions to Vesuvius, to the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis, the Sorrento Peninsula, the Amalfi Coast, Naples, Caserta and Paestum .


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12 Il Principe Pompei


What a thrill to sit at the table with the ancient Romans. With the themed dinners on the Pompeian kitchen than two thousand years ago Prince has built its success. A charm that has kidnapped gourmet generations
Italian and waves of tourists. With Marco and Pina Carli bursts Gian Marco, 28 years, how many are enough to certify talent, extensive experience, good command of the brigade. Gian Marco arrived in Guatemala City from Pompeii, he went on long trips from America to Central States. He returned to Pompeii with sufficient maturity to scholars dishes, from “Great Charter,” as a menu. If the
mozzarella turns into baba amberjack is a patty of mashed zucchini. He always draws from the Campania felix, the cassata. Oplontis, ipomodori San Marzano or piennolo, Provolone del Monaco, the Aglianico sauce, anchovies Cetara, citrus fruits of the coast. In an elegant atmosphere without redundancies. Tastings in line with the seasons and with the history of pasta. Among the strong points, the “Macaroni & Brothers” menu. Even proposals for four-legged friends, fifteen euro and our dog is served, a dance that begins with risotto heated to white meat sauce. Hermes is the same dog spot that does not forget The Hound.




Executive Chef – Gian Marco Carli
Il Principe Resturant Pompei
Piazza Bartolo Longo, 8, 80045 Pompei NA
Telefono 081/8505566


3 Giardino Delle Esperidi

The menu at the restaurant? An outdated concept!

Just say “Gioacchino ago ‘you!” To rely on the chef de “The Hesperides” Browsing the menu at the restaurant and feel the grip of the embarrassment of the choice? They are outdated concepts. At least that is if you are passing from the Garden of the Hesperides, directed by chef Joachim Nocera: in fact in the local of Pompeii to order a full meal just sit back and say the phrase, a bit ‘as if it were a magic formula, “Joachim ago’ you!”. And Joachim, while not a magic wand, but only with his innate ability to bring together the flavors of the region, will bring to the table a lunch prepared with fresh seasonal products. Of course for those who want it there is also a menu which provides the two classic categories “land” and “sea”. But the decision to rely entirely on the chef’s imagination is indispensable for those who, even at the table, prefer to get involved and experience.

Joachim, because customers should say “Gioacchino ago ‘you ?!”
“Especially not to follow the rules. Often we are faced with customers tired of the usual lists of standardized plates, where it is even difficult to choose. That’s why we have the menu there, but it is superfluous: our real menu is spending the day, fresh food and seasonal bought that morning. In practice, we do not follow a menu, but the menu that follows us, based on the products of the period. ”

How did the idea to propose the free initiative of the chef?
“Customers are asking us particularly of eating well, regardless of the dishes they see written on paper. And by “good” always intended freshly prepared dishes with fresh, seasonal. And it was this desire shared that encouraged us to go this route. ”

The idea worked?

“Yes, it is an initiative that appeals. Ground floor clients are getting used and give us confidence. For example, even when it comes to a quick business lunch, and maybe you do not what to choose, find it easier to say “Joachim is’ you.” And now they rely with confidence. ”

But it is not a makeshift kitchen, because in reality always follow a precise gastronomic line.

“Yes, this is a cuisine of typical characteristics. It is a modern reinterpretation of the traditional delicacies bell accompanied by constant selection of fresh and wholesome foods, always tied to the seasons. This is the case of “territorial mosaic” or the pie with seasonal vegetables. There are also new interpretations of classic dishes, such as the Neapolitan ragù or homage to the spaghetti with tomato sauce. And every day in our dishes is just the catch of the day: among the dishes is the “Mosaic” with four different tastes. ”

The chef Joachim Nocera in his work is supported by the maitre Pasquale Gargano and the sous-chef Ciro Chechile: a cohesive team that offers an inviting kitchen and no frills. Moreover, with the arrival of returning to the “Garden of the Hesperides” (recently visited by “big” as Luca Abete, Sal Da Vinci, Vincenzo De Luca and Dario Franceschini) Pompeii evenings devoted to themed tastings as protagonists the typical products of the period: the chestnut, pumpkin, mushrooms and truffles


Via Unità D’Italia, Pompei (NA)

Telefono 081 850 2130


11 Garum Ristorante

The restaurant Garum of Pompeii offers tasty specialties of Campania, from dishes to a careful selection of local wines. The typical restaurant offers a wide and complete menu: appetizers, first, second, pastries and fresh fruit. Guests are welcomed in a cozy and elegant setting adorned with forms and colors that recall the ancient Pompeii.

Friendly service and a careful selection of raw materials used in their kitchen are the other credentials of Garum. The restaurant has a typical traditional menu of Pompeii area yet offers, even some well-known foods of ancient Rome, such as the famous garum sauce, able to satisfy even the most discerning palates. The Garum restaurant is located in Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 63 a short walk from the historic center of Pompeii and from the main entrance of the ancient ruins.
In this refined atmosphere that leads to the exquisite quality of a time that was, merge the multiple flavors of the cuisine, enriched by an interesting gastronomic offer and a unique wine list with the products of some of the oldest and most prestigious wineries Italian.
The restaurant Garum is the ideal place for those visiting Pompeii and want to sample the delights of a land steeped in traditions, colors and flavors to the world immersed in a unique atmosphere.

Viale Giuseppe Mazzini, 63 Pompei (NA)
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Phone: +39 081 8501178
Mobile: +39 347 0104384