Short Competition 19

ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD  ® International Film Festival | XI edition 2019 | Theme LEONARDO DA VINCI – Innovation

Entries to the ”Short Social World Competition” 2019 are officially open.

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The complete program of the “Short Social World Competition 2019” of the XI edition of the  Italian Movie Award.

The section is dedicated to international short films on social issues.

This year, 80 works from all over the world were received via platform registration at The jury chaired by the author and journalist Paolo Chiariello chose the 8 shorts that will be viewed by the students participating in the Italian Movie Academy’s Summer Camp. The students make up the Student Jury which will have the task of electing the short film winner of the 2019 edition.

MONDAY 29 JULY | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy – Summer Camp 2019 | 5:00 pm


- Le Graffiti directed by Aurelien Lapace | 9 min. | France 2019

Amazement in the city this morning: a graffiti appeared on the facade of a historic building! The main interested parties, the Mayor and Dr. Robin, will have to explain …

Fiction, Comedy, Social.


- Será Nuestro Secreto  by Sergi González Fernández | 14 min. | Spain 2018

It is Christmas. The school choir visits the nursing home to sing Christmas carols. Martina recognizes her grandmother among the residents. All normal, except that his grandmother died three years ago …

Fiction, Social, Adolescence, Childhood.

TUESDAY JULY 30 | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy – Summer Camp 2019 | 5:00 pm


- Laura by Pier Paolo Dainelli, Paolo Matassini | 7 min. | Italy 2018

It’s a late summer afternoon. Laura hangs her clothes on the building’s terrace. Suddenly…

Fiction, Social, Women.

- In Love  by Lopez Les Frères | 7 min. | France 2018

While on patrol in a Middle Eastern country, a Western military team stops for a while in Iqmarba village …

Fiction, Comedy, Drama, War, Terrorism.


WEDNESDAY JULY 31 | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy – Summer Camp 2019 | 5:00 pm


- Ariana  by Fernando Pozo | 12 min. | Spain 2019

Ariana is a young woman unable to make sense of her life. Desperately looking for a way to end his loneliness …

Fiction, Drama, Adolescence, Crime, Social, Family, Feminism, Gender.


- Wir  by Voelkel Johannes Richard | 3 min. | Germany 2019

A little story about sharing …

Fiction, Social, Human Rights, Refugees.

THURSDAY 01 AUGUST | Multimedia Room | Italian Movie Academy – Summer Camp 2019 | 5:00 pm


- Mon Clochard by Gian Marco Pezzoli | 15 min. | Italy 2018

Davide is a frustrated and habitual teacher who lives with his wife and son in a quiet suburban building, whose life is made up of days all the same …

Fiction, Social, Drama, Family, Human Rights Racism.


- Peccatrice by Karolina Porcari | 10 min. | Italy, Poland 2018

Lucia is an 11 year old girl, awake and curious about life. A rebel mortified by the bourgeois family environment of Southern Italy where she lives …

Fiction, Drama, Childhood, Women.