Success at Cannes for the presentation of the festival ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD 2016


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 VIII edition of ‘ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD © International Film Festival


Cannes, May 20, 2016


Ended, with great satisfaction of the organizers, guests and present, the official presentation of the Italian Movie Award at the Italian Pavilion – Elegant Universe, at the Salon Marta Hotel Majestic Barrière Le Croisette on the 69th Cannes Film Festival .

Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (5) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (9) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (8) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (6) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (7) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_2_small

The Conference began with the introductory speech by Susanna Maurandi.


Soon after, the space at the screening of the video promo-2016 the ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD, directed by Carlo Fumo and with the extraordinary participation of the actor and dubber Luca Ward: protagonist, the wonderful Campania region.
Many applause from journalists present at the end of the projection; here is the link to watch the video:

Cannes_Carlo_Fumo Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_ItalianPavilion (4) C0016.MP4.Immagine002 C0007.MP4.Immagine001 C0016.MP4.Immagine003 C0008.MP4.Immagine001

The microphone passes to Charles Smoke, director, founder and artistic director of the Italian festival:

Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete _DSC14242 C0004.MP4.Immagine002 C0006.MP4.Immagine001 Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (3)Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_2

Guest expected, the envoy of Striscia la Notizia LUCA ABETE will be the conductor ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD for the Edition 2016: ‘I am very happy this year also lead the International Film Festival Italian Movie Award: now have a portfolio real Fortunately for the Festival and Artistic Director Carlo Fumo; is the fourth time you are at your side as a presenter.
The many tourists who choose this summer as Pompeii goal will, once again, an extraordinary event to which to attend. For me, however, it will be an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues, both among the public both on stage and, for once, I’ll give the unmistakable “cone pledged” not to a complaint of a crime but rather a sign of friendship to the thousands of people present. So, on the occasion of the Festival will take away the dress-green fir color to wear tuxedos and sew together the various moments of this beautiful long-awaited event also by many young talents who will take part in a series of training-free film Masterclass. Between interviews, red carpet, awards, screenings and a few surprises, there will certainly be fun, full of great cinema.>

 _DSC1435 13256469_10209335831258221_5561197911466338529_n Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69

President and Artistic Director Carlo Fumo, release, then some data on participation in the Social World Short Competition 2016:

Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Paolo_Gramaglia _DSC1444 _DSC1485

He could not miss the video message by the researcher and scientist Prof. Dr. Antonio Giordano, President of the International Jury of the festival ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD:


But the presentation of the Italian Movie Award tasty surprises are not lacking: to intervene is the Chef “Michelin Star” Paul GRAMAGLIA. his speech is focused on research in the catering sector, a process inspired by ancient Pompeii: .

C0010.MP4.Immagine001 _DSC1566 Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_selfie

At this point, to speak are the main partners of the Festival. The microphone goes to Dr. Valeria Lubrano Lavadera – Head of Commercial Marketing Center The Paper Mill – Pompeii, three years leading advocate and location of ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD keeping high the attention of the audience with a very interesting speech appreciated.

Next, it’s time to Carmelo R. Cartiere, CEO and CTO of Nextsense SRLs Search Startup, owner of the patent Biovitae®.

Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Nextsense Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_ItalianPavilion_Rosario_Valles_Carmelo_Cartiere_Biovitae_Nextsense C0012.MP4.Immagine001

Carlo Fumo concluded the conference with a tribute to 70 years of the Festival of SNGCI and Silver Ribbons, handing the Vitruvian D’Argento the ITALIAN MOVIE AWARD Laura Delli Colli, journalist, President of the National Union of Italian Film Journalists, which he said: ‘i am happy to accept this award for the SNGCI, for our seventy years, as a wish of longevity but also for the future. On the other hand he acquired it from a young festival, made by young people and that gives special space to social issues. This is a recognition of the work we have done. I think these seventy years should really be read as a time to look at ourselves in the mirror of an Italian cinema that is always great. Here in Cannes he is working to make it clear to the foreign film that Italian cinema is not only historical, we are trying. Here at the Festival de Cannes, there are six films, some of which we will find in the coming of the Nastri D’Argento nominations. I do a great good luck to Carlo Fumo and his Italian Movie Award and I wait in Taormina.>

Here, the reason for the prize:


Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Laura_Delli_Colli_Italian_Pavilion Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Laura_Delli_Colli_2 Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Laura_Delli_Colli (2)

To download all pictures of the secure server of the official conference website CLICK HERE

_DSC1426 _DSC1306 Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (10) Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_4 Italian_Movie_Award_Festival_De_Cannes_69_ (4)  Cannes_Carlo_Fumo_Luca_Abete_Valeria_Lubrano_Piergiorgio_Cesaro

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